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Sutton Stromart Limited is a complete radiator manufacturing company with Headquarters and North American manufacturing located near Toronto, Canada. For over 40 years they have manufactured high-quality radiators and cooling systems for various applications including power generation, pumps, oil field equipment, steam condensers and process cooling. We specialize in custom-designed cooling solutions that are optimized for each application. Our installations range from the severe Russian and Canadian Arctic to demanding equatorial island and high ambient desert conditions. Completed projects commonly have provided a service life in excess of 25 years. As a custom design manufacturer, customer requested modifications can be easily accommodated.

Available Design Options:

  • S-Series Round tube with free-floating individual spirally-wound fin-tubes: Harsh conditions, heavy-duty continuous operation, low horsepower, low noise  Learn More
  • E-Series Low-HP multi-fan round tube:  Low noise, low parasitic hp requirement, galvanized frame Learn More
  • R-Series conventional core design: standby power, remote or on-engine design Learn More