Dennis Roundtree attended the kickoff meeting for the new Intermountain CHP Initiative and Regional Application Center, and was named to the steering committee for the initiative. Read more about what this important new effort to promote combined heat and power by downloading our brief report on the kickoff meeting.

Conference Kicks Off New Intermountain CHP Initiative and Regional Application Center.pdf

The Intermountain CHP Initiative and Regional Application Center are efforts supported by the Department of Energy to encourage the development of combined heat and power in the region including Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho and New Mexico. Learn more about this organization and the resources they offer at

Helpful Free Information

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Report on CHP activities ( )

This report brings up to date the review of state policies with regard to CHP that ACEEE completed in 2002. It describes the current activities of states with programs during the initial survey and also reviews new programs offered by states. You can download the complete report for free.

Trade Associations, meetings and conventions

Electrical Generating Systems Assoc. ( )

Founded in 1965, the Electrical Generating Systems Association, or EGSA for short, is a trade association made up of nearly 600 companies in the USA and around the world that make, sell, distribute, specify, service, and use on-site power equipment. Their website contains valuable information on industry events, standards and specifications, schools and links to equipment and service suppliers.

Rural Electricity Resource Council ( )

An association of nearly 200 electric companies, cooperatives and public power districts. Helping our members serve their rural customers is our primary goal. This is done through educational materials, training courses, and direct technical assistance to members.

United States Combined Heat and Power Association ( )

The USCHPA brings together diverse market interests to promote the growth of clean, efficient CHP in the United States.

California Alliance for Distributed Energy Resources ( )

CADER is a voluntary collaborative committed to facilitating the successful deployment of highly efficient and environmentally responsible distributed energy resources into competitive energy markets.

Rocky Mountain Electrical League ( )

"The premiere educational & networking association for the electric energy industry"

We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help You

California Energy Commission Distributed Energy Resources Guide ( )

The California Distributed Energy Resources Guide is a public benefit site containing a wealth of information regarding distributed energy resources (DER). Distributed energy resources are small-scale power generation technologies (typically in the range of 3 to 10,000 kW) located close to where electricity is used (e.g., a home or business) to provide an alternative to or an enhancement of the traditional electric power system.

California Interconnection Guidebook: A Guide to Interconnecting Customer-owned

Electric Generation Equipment to the Electric Utility Distribution System Using California's Electric Rule 21

The California Interconnection Guidebook is available for your use at one of the following urls.

The California Energy Commission has now established exit fees (known as the Customer Responsibility Surcharge) for customers installing self-generation to cover all or part of their load in place of grid power. This URL links you to the details regarding this rulemaking, and a link from this page will take you to the “CRS Megawatt Cap Page” that describes in detail the CRS application to each type of installation.

Goods and Services

Onsite Power Marketing ( )

Quality products and services for the onsite power industry. Authorized sales representative for Automated Energy ( ) and Enercon Engineering ( )