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Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Power Systems from ElectraTherm allow you to utilize low-grade heat sources to produce electrical power to reduce power costs, recover investment, and improve emission and environmental performance.  Utilizing waste heat to produce power reduces emissions from sites with existing combustion sources, which can lower permitting costs.


Stationary Engines and other cooling applications-AC800 Active Cooler Replace your OE Radiator to eliminate parasitic cooling load

                  ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generator™ Can Replace the OEM Radiator or Cooler.

                  Active Cooler brochure: Click Here

Biomass: Produce power from biomass-fueled boiler in a multitude of applications

                 Watch video about biomass installation in Quincy CA: Click Here   

                 Biomass Brochure:   Click Here   

Geothermal: Convert your low-temperature geothermal heat (below 212F) to power

                 Watch video about low-temperature geothermal application: Click Here

                 Geothermal Brochure: Click here

Methane Optimization (Flaring, Landfills and Biogas): In facilities producing methane and biogas, ORC systems can reduce or eliminate flaring while providing power for the location

                 Watch video about generating power while eliminating flaring: Click Here

                 Biogas brochure: Click Here

Waste Heat: Produce power from industrial waste heat sources in a variety of facilities and industries

                 Watch video about generating power from industrial waste heat: Click Here

                 Waste Heat brochure: Click Here


ElectraTherm offers modules in two different sizes with both basic and high temperature versions.  Multiple modules can be utilized in parallel to provide an optimized solution for each application.  Click on the links below to see a spec sheets for each option


Power Module 75-Up to 75 kWe


SS-6500B+ High Temp up to 150 kWe