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Diesel Generator Fuel Maintenance Systems from FTI          

An emergency power system is only as reliable as its weakest link; don't let that weak link be a poor diesel generator fuel maintenance system. In an emergency where a loss of power occurs, mission critical facilities (including hospitals, data processing centers, prisons, and banks) are dependent on the operability and reliability of their emergency power systems for safety, security, and uninterrupted operation.

Few realize that stored diesel fuel can begin to deteriorate within just 28 days of refining, increasing the chances of engine failure or damage. What will happen when the power goes out in your high-rise building? Will your defense, emergency, or security system remain armed when a loss of power occurs? Protect your veterans administration, government office, or other classified mission critical facility from catastrophe by investing in a reliable emergency diesel generator fuel maintenance system with Fuel Technologies International.

Fuel Technologies International (FTI) manufactures automated stored diesel fuel maintenance systems and provides comprehensive preventative maintenance programs to fight stored diesel fuel degradation on all fronts—oxidation, microorganism growth, and corrosion—so that your emergency power systems are safe, functional, and stable when you need them most.

Download Engineering Specifications (See Application Chart for Selection):

FTI 1.5 1,000G     FTI 2.8 5,000G    FTI 5 Single 15,000G    FTI 5 Multi 15,000G    FTI-10 30,000G    FTI-20 60,000G

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