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Enalco builds exhaust gas heat exchangers to the highest standard for production of hot water from engine exhaust or flue gas.  Offering a complete package of options, we provide you with a custom solution. With the optimum integration of Enalco products, you can stop worrying about matching components. And Enalco provides support during the entire sales process.

Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers are the most effective means for industrial energy users to achieve savings. An Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger transferring heat generated by hot exhaust gases to the heating system easily realizes a 20% or better energy saving. This saving is further improved by installing an exhaust gas condenser: reducing your energy bill by 30%. A properly functioning Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger or Condenser is therefore of decisive importance for the effectiveness of the CHP Installation. And Enalco applies the same high standards that you apply as supplier or installation firm.

Enalco is a leading supplier also in terms of durability. Dependability is priority one. Enalco Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers and Exhaust Gas Condensers allow convenient inspection on the exhaust gas side to ensure optimum economic life. The Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers and Exhaust Gas Condensers are cleared for installation only after an extensive final internal check to verify that product construction meets all specifications.