Vapor Phase

Vapor Phase Waste Heat Recovery Systems are manufactured by Kickham Boiler & Engineering of St. Louis, MO.

One of the most important elements of a combined heat and power installation is the waste heat recovery system. This system must FIRST provide positive engine cooling and SECOND obtain maximum economical heat recovery while insuring reliability and longevity of equipment.

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There is a difference in waste heat recovery systems

Vapor Phase units are modeled after traditional fire-tube boilers and offer much longer life and reliability compared to other systems utilizing economizer-style designs. Vapor Phase units can stand up to the vibration and exhaust gas pulsations typical of reciprocating engines for many years of reliable service.

There are several methods of waste heat recovery: jacket water only, exhaust heat only and combined systems that recover both. For a schematic of a typical combined system, click HERE.


Full Range of Systems and Components for Waste Heat Recovery

Onsite Power and the various manufacturers we represent, including Vapor Phase, can offer a full range of equipment for a complete system:

Heat recovery silencers for steam service: Click HERE to download brochure.

Heat recovery silencers for hot water service: Click HERE to download brochure

Exhaust Bypass tees (to bypass HR unit for service): Click HERE to download brochure

Heat dump radiators: Click HERE for more information

Plate/Frame or Shell and Tube heat exchangers: Contact us for more information

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