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Since 1979, IEA (formerly Inland Engine Accessories) has been a quality supplier of
cooling system components in heavy-duty applications. Their history as a top OEM
supplier to Caterpillar demonstrates their experience, capability and commitment to

Today, IEA manufactures radiators and other heat transfer equipment in their modern
facility in Kenosha, WI. IEA offers a wide range of core designs, including serpentine
core, flat tube, mechanically bonded header and round tube designs.

IEA products include
* Standard and custom-designed radiators
* Charge air coolers
* Fuel coolers
* Oil coolers
* Plate and frame heat exchangers
* Complete cooling system packages and accessories

EC Series: Vertical unit-mounted flat-tube radiators available in either fan-on-radiator

VCO: Vertical remote radiators available in direct drive (DOWNLOAD BROCHURE)
or v-belt drive (DOWNLOAD BROCHURE)

HCO: Horizontal remote radiators available in direct drive (DOWNLOAD
) or v-belt drive (DOWNLOAD BROCHURE)

HCR: Horizontal round-tube radiators for heavy-duty industrial and oil field
applications. Available in HCR-M standard modular and HCR-Q quiet configurations (DOWNLOAD BROCHURE)

IEA offers other heat transfer products and accessories including:

  • Fans
  • Surge tanks
  • Wishbone mounting assemblies
  • Finish paint coat
  • Low level alarm contacts
  • Solder-coated fins
  • Louvered fins
  • Salt air environment
  • Galvanized structure

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