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MIRATECH has become a manufacturer of exhaust silencers and components due to their acquisition of the well-known EM® and COWL® brand products. MIRATECH offers a full range of standardized silencers and accessories as well as custom engineered sound attenuation solutions to meet each customer’s requirements. MIRATECH’s engineering staff is able to design and manufacture silencing systems to a high level of performance through computer system modeling, analysis, testing, and validation.

MIRATECH’s complete line includes:

  • Cylindrical silencers in industrial, residential, critical, hospital and extreme grades
  • Disc-style silencers in hospital, critical and extreme grades
  • Oval-style silencers in critical, hospital, super hospital and extreme grades
  • Low pressure drop cylindrical silencers
  • ATEX spark-arresting silencers
  • Spark arresters and combined spark arresting silencers
  • Silencer/catalyst combo units
  • Cowl brand compact spiral silencers for space-constrained and small engine applications
  • Complete line of accessories including flexes, elbows, thermal wraps, hangers, clamps, thimbles, you name it!

Visit MIRATECH’s website: www.miratechcorp.com

Download a complete silencer catalog HERE

Download a complete accessories catalog HERE

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