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Mosebach Logo Mosebach Manufacturing is a quality manufacturer of AC and DC load banks (both portable and permanently installed, heaters and other products. They feature products that are lightweight, compact and very durable.

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Noise and Emission Control Product update

Onsite Power no longer formally represents manufacturers in these industries.  However, please contact us for referrals to quality suppliers of this equipment





Onsite Power Inc is a new firm dedicated to providing quality independent sales representation for suppliers to the process heat transfer and onsite power/distributed generation industries in the Rocky Mountains.

The OPI Difference

Onsite Power Inc. is a new kind of independent marketing organization for the onsite power industry. We have strong beliefs about what independent marketing organizations should and shouldn’t do.


  • Find customers the supplier can’t find on their own
  • Relieve the supplier of the risk and cost burden of maintaining permanent field sales employees
  • Carefully qualify opportunities to avoid wasting the suppliers’ resources
  • Be technically competent and knowledgeable
  • Be market-savvy with a strong sales and marketing skill set
  • Thoroughly understand the supplier’s products and value proposition
  • Provide an honest, efficient and accurate communication conduit between the client and the supplier.
  • Understand and be in synchronicity with the supplier’s core values
  • Control transaction costs for both supplier and rep


  • Add an excessive margin burden to the sale in the form of high commissions and sales expenses
  • Waste time and supplier resources on poorly qualified opportunities
  • Limit opportunities by clinging to outdated methods and market structures
  • Waste resources on assets that don’t generate revenue
  • Duplicate the supplier’s resources (engineering, project management, order control)
  • Make unreasonable promises to clients or demands on the supplier
  • Behave in a fashion that reflects poorly on the supplier
  • Sit still waiting for the phone to ring

Contact US

Due to a proliferation of spam and bot activity, we have been forced to disable our contact form.  Please contact us by calling 303.690.8486 or email us at dennis @ (our domain name) and we will be happy to assist you.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

About Us

The market for energy products and services is very challenging. Established suppliers struggle to maintain sales levels and market share in a shifting environment, while new technologies, products and suppliers struggle for a foothold.

This is especially true in the Process Heat Transfer, Onsite Power Generation (OPG) and Distributed Generation (DG) markets, where the opportunity is difficult to define and even more difficult to realize., especially in the Rocky Mountain region. With low populations spread over a wide area, and industry challenges that differ from the rest of the country, it is an area easily forgotten or ignored.

This atmosphere calls for a new kind of sales organization, based on an old, tested concept: independent sales representation.

Onsite Power Marketing is dedicated to providing quality independent sales representation for suppliers to the process heat transfer and onsite power/distributed generation industries in the Rocky Mountain States.


Onsite Power Inc. was founded in October 2003 by Dennis and Cee Cee Roundtree of Aurora, Colorado.

img 3456Cee Cee is President and CFO, the financial brains of the organization. She has a long history in human resources, accounting and financial management for real estate management and health organizations. She is a highly-talented, organized and pragmatic manager who keeps our value proposition strong through sound management and careful control of costs.

Cee Cee is responsible for all phases of order fulfillment and control, including order tracking, customer notification of order status, communication with suppliers regarding order fulfillment, shipping notifications, freight arrangements where required and delivery followup.   She also manages all administrative functions including payables, receivables and financial controls.





img 3432Dennis is Vice President and CEO, and is a 40 year veteran of the industrial engine and onsite power industries. He spent many years as a sales person, manager and sales executive with several distributors of OPG equipment, including twelve years as Sales Manager and Vice President of Industrial Power Systems in Denver, Colorado. He also served as Vice President of the Distributed Generation group at Planergy International, an ESCO subsidiary of a major investor-owned utility, Xcel Energy. He most recently served as national sales manager for ORMAT Technologies, a company specializing in the conversion of waste heat to electrical power before forming Onsite Power in 2003.

In the course of such a wide range of responsibilities, Dennis has made thousands of contacts in all corners of the industry, gained a great deal of unique experience in nearly all onsite power technologies, and has served as board member, educator, speaker or author for many industry organizations including the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA), GPA Midstream and many others.  In 2018 he served as President of EGSA.