Process Silencer

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As part of our product portfolio, we offer industrial process silencers from MIRATECH for many different applications:

  • Power vent and blowdown applications.
  • Rotary positive blower silencers
  • Relief valve and control valve silencers
  • Pressure reduction silencers
  • Vacuum pump silencers
  • Blower and centrifugal compressor/fan silencers
  • Intake and discharge silencers for air or gas service
  • Piping and stacks.

Some additional applications examples include systems with pressure relief valves (PRV); high-velocity air, steam, and gas vents and blowdowns; relief valves and control valves; switch valves; steam ejectors; autoclaves; high-pressure air vents; compressor blow off valves; steam boiler relief valves; air valves and cylinders; etc.