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Mosebach was founded in 1924 by Karl Mosebach. Mosebach originally supplied electrical gear for coal mines in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. They are located in southern Pittsburgh, PA.

Mosebach manufactures load banks that are noted for their durability, reliability, light weight and compact design. They use a stainless steel resistor that provides exceptional longevity. Systems are available from 5 kW up. They do NOT offer radiator-mounted load banks at this time, however.

Among their product specialties:

  • Portable and stationary AC load banks that can be customized for any application
  • DC load banks for battery testing and other applications
  • SR Special rack-mounted load bank for data center commissioning
  • Medium voltage units up to 13.8 KV
  • Multi-unit remote control systems and software
  • Automatic load controls to vary permanently-installed load banks according to load required.
  • Multiple-unit control systems
  • Portable electric heaters up to 150 kW.

These videos highlight some of Mosebach's most popular products:

Data Center Load Bank Video

XL100 Lightweight 100 kW Load Bank

400 kW Portable Load Bank

750 kW Portable Load Bank

1500 kW Portable Load Bank

3000 kW Portable Load Bank

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