Onsite Power offers high-quality solutions in air-cooled heat exchangers (AKA fin/fan, air coolers or finfan), air-cooled condensers, shell and tube heat exchangers, and waste heat recovery from reciprocating engines.  These products are used in refineries, chemical, petrochemical, midstream and upstream facilities.

Onsite Power represents a number of fine manufacturers and service providers of products related to onsite power generation and reciprocating engines, providing one-stop shopping for OEM's, power system dealer distributors and users. We have years of experience in this industry and that expertise comes with every sale.

The regulatory atmosphere for onsite power generation and reciprocating engines has never been more challenging than it is now, but is not as tough as it will be tomorrow. Onsite Power offers more than just parts and partial solutions, we also offer the complete system and the expertise to apply it to solve your noise and emission control issues.