Onsite Power Inc is a new firm dedicated to providing quality independent sales representation for suppliers to the onsite power/distributed generation industries in the Rocky Mountains and Far West.

The OPI Difference

Onsite Power Inc. is a new kind of independent marketing organization for the onsite power industry. We have strong beliefs about what independent marketing organizations should and shouldn’t do.


  • Find customers the supplier can’t find on their own
  • Relieve the supplier of the risk and cost burden of maintaining permanent field sales employees
  • Carefully qualify opportunities to avoid wasting the suppliers’ resources
  • Be technically competent and knowledgeable
  • Be market-savvy with a strong sales and marketing skill set
  • Thoroughly understand the supplier’s products and value proposition
  • Provide an honest, efficient and accurate communication conduit between the client and the supplier.
  • Understand and be in synchronicity with the supplier’s core values
  • Control transaction costs for both supplier and rep


  • Add an excessive margin burden to the sale in the form of high commissions and sales expenses
  • Waste time and supplier resources on poorly qualified opportunities
  • Limit opportunities by clinging to outdated methods and market structures
  • Waste resources on assets that don’t generate revenue
  • Duplicate the supplier’s resources (engineering, project management, order control)
  • Make unreasonable promises to clients or demands on the supplier
  • Behave in a fashion that reflects poorly on the supplier
  • Sit still waiting for the phone to ring